“we have support”

No man is an island, and we believe the same goes for business. Our strength lies in our extended arm of networks, businesses and people from all strata of industries. There is nothing we cannot get done just because we don’t have the right staff.

“we are experienced”

A stunning portfolio of past projects. A long running list of major repeat clients. A team of professionals each with more than 20 years of experience. You can’t deny we know electronics when we say we know electronics.

“we are problem solvers”

Problem-solving—that is what we are here for. Every problem is unique, so we don’t believe that there is a one-size-fits-all answer. As such, we customize and tailor-fit each and every solution to your specific need. To us, any problem is no problem.

“we are specialized”

Although our capabilities extend to all forms of electronics design and development, we do not take on projects aimlessly. Our key expertise lies in the prevailing fields of wireless telematics and embedded computing. Need such a solution? Let us know.


Featured Solution


Mobile Handheld Computer (2009)

Customised Mobile Handheld Computer developed for local research institution. Based on low power embedded RISC processor, i.MX27 with WinCE operating system.

AOC Awarded Contract by ST Electronics

January 17, 2011

AOC has won the contract by ST Electronics to design, develop and deliver a fully customised mini-computer system for some vehiclular platforms meant for the military environment. The award amount to more than a S$1M, not inclusive of maintenance and other options.