Industrial/Military Projects

In-vehicle Wireless Telematics Device (2010)

In-vehicle Wireless Telematics Device. Utilizing the OBD-II port, this device tracks and captures vehicle activities as well as driving behavior using GPS, GSM and accelerometer.

High-Capacity Contactless Tag (2010)

High-Capacity Contactless Tag rated IP67. Technical details confidential.

Wireless Telematics Tracking Device (2010)

Wireless Telematics Tracking Device. Various human and assets tracking system that uses GPS, GSM and RFID technology for industrial and military applications.

Mobile Handheld Computer (2009)

Customised Mobile Handheld Computer developed for local research institution. Based on low power embedded RISC processor, i.MX27 with WinCE operating system.

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Door Access Solution (2009)

Complete Door Access Solution based on near-field wireless card access using MIFARE and CEPAS standards. (read more…)

Container Tracking System (2009)

Complete Container Tracking System that tracks and monitor high-value container through land, port and sea. Employs RFID, ZigBee modems, Inmarsat satellite modems, temperature sensors, GPS, and GSM modems.

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Wireless Remote Controller (2009)

Wireless Remote Controller with customer’s propriety RF technology.

GPS Tracking Device (2008)

GPS Tracking Device for fleet management with intelligent switching between GPRS & Iridium satellites for wireless location reporting.

Ad-hoc Traffic Light System (2007)

Ad-hoc Traffic Light System using the ZigBee wireless technology. This system provides a mobile traffic light system for ad-hoc traffic control such as during lane closure or diversion.

Vision Storage Device (2007)

Vision Storage Device. Developed for local government research institution, this device support video capturing and recording with multiple CCD cameras for public transportation.

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